Minecraft guinea pigs

Randy escaped his male only enclosure at Hatton Adventure World in Warwick and broke into the female-only area. They noticed that the exhausted father-to-be, now nicknamed Randy, had lost a little weight, but minecraft guinea pigs not realise why until they discovered he was actually a male rodent being kept busy in the wrong pen.

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Manager Richard Craddock said: «One of our male guinea pigs managed to find his way into the female enclosure and had a very good time by the looks of it. We suspect a child may have placed him back in the wrong pen by accident after stroking him or Randy may have somehow broken out of his enclosure to get to the females. We believe that the newly-named Randy could have impregnated up to 100 female guinea pigs, which have litters of about four, so if you do the maths we could be expecting quite a baby boom. Randy is going to be seeing many more of these in the coming weeks. Staff did comment he looked a little thinner than before.

He has now re-joined his male friends, clearly he’s got a lot of bragging to do. Staff are now looking to build an extension to the guinea pig farm to accommodate Randy’s huge brood. My stash of recyclable jars and bottles has grown out of control. It’s time to do something with them!